Kawhi Leonard May Have Voiced Commitment To Teammates But Not Spurs In Team Meeting

The San Antonio Spurs had a team meeting in March in which the status of Kawhi Leonard was discussed.

“Tony (Parker) quarterbacked the whole thing,” said Michael C. Wright on The Lowe Post. “It was just more them trying to get a feel for when Kawhi might get back. ‘Hey, we’re about to make a playoff run. Do you have any idea of when you’re going to be back?’

“Put yourself in Kawhi’s shoes and you have your team coming at you like that, you’re going to be a little taken aback by that, I believe. And in that meeting, Kawhi basically stood his ground.

“He was like, ‘I’ll be back when I’m ready to come back.’

“I had heard, for the aggregators who get ahold of this, I heard that Kawhi had said something about like ‘I’ll do anything for all you guys in this room, but not this organization.’ That what I heard he had said. But he stood his ground.

“I also heard that during the meeting a lot of those guys were supportive.”