Coaches gain insight into a referee’s work

In order to improve communication between the two parties, prevent misunderstandings and raise awareness of the work of match officials, it is important to bring everybody’s knowledge to the same level.

“Coaches often aren’t aware of the latest rules,” Senegal-born Gaye explained. “If you manage a team, you react emotionally when you hear the whistle and often don’t understand why it was blown. That’s the main problem: coaches react with their hearts without being fully aware of the rules.

“It’s important to have a meeting between both sides before each season or tournament to explain the latest rules and enable people to get to know each other and learn from each other,” Gaye continued. “What’s important is that we are all on the same page in the end.”

The key to this initiative is the ability and will of all parties to put themselves in each other’s shoes and empathise, while taking the relevant information on board.