Kazandjian and Wilkinson giving back to Montreal’s West Island

Their connection doesn’t end there and it actually comes full circle. Kazandjian recently began coaching Wilkinson’s nephew at a summer camp. They both hail from Montreal’s West Island; Kazandjian in Kirkland and Wilkinson in neighbouring Baie D’Urfe.

When you hear them describe one another, it’s clear Kazandjian was inspired by her fellow Quebecer. “She’s really a hard worker and she never stops,” Kazandjian said of Wilkinson. “When she was a player, I could always tell she was always running, going after the ball and even now she works hard, so I respect that about her.”

“She’s got a work ethic that inspires those around her,” Wilkinson said of Kazandjian. “When you see smaller players, I love it when people judge them because they’ve usually had to fight more than anyone else to win their spot and they’ve gotten strong and learned how to use their bodies well. She does do that.”

Kazandjian is a highly-technical, artful attacking midfielder who plays with confidence and has an eye for a pass. “She plays in a two-touch, three-touch rhythm that I really appreciate; I like the ball moving,” Wilkinson said.

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