Sunshine Fontes, Hawaii’s pioneer on the global stage

She’s making headlines back home for her performances but she’s making history for another reason as well. “Being from Hawaii, there’s not too many players that come out of there,” Fontes said to

She’s right. In fact, Fontes is the first Hawaiian to represent any USA national team at a youth World Cup.

“Being able to represent the state and obviously my family is really exciting,” she said. For someone as ruthless as she is in front of goal, Fontes cuts a different figure outside of matchday. Her default personality mode is laid back and the majority of the time she wears an infectious smile.

Fontes has committed to attend the University of California, Los Angeles in the fall of 2019, a decision to leave home and carve her own path.

“Once I started getting called into the national team and representing the crest, I realised I could represent myself and my hometown anywhere I went,” Fontes said in a video produced by US Soccer. “It didn’t just have to be in Hawaii.”

She’s already represented her hometown of Wahiawa with two goals at Uruguay 2018 but all signs point to her doing so wearing the USA crest for many years to come.