Uruguay’s solid starting point

“We knew that the team would grow in stature. In the first match, there were certain aspects we just couldn’t control, like the pressure of playing in the opening game or of representing women’s football in this country.”

He continued: “The real achievement against Finland was the way in which we bounced back from the previous games and upped our commitment levels. I was very satisfied with that.”

The 65-year-old tactician went on to declare his optimism as regards this current generation of players. “They’ve been through a process, and they’ll probably hit their stride, physically speaking and in footballing terms, at the next South American U-20 Women’s Championship. The most important thing is not to let everything they’ve achieved up until now to slip away.

“Every day, I see young girls ask our players for autographs and photos. Clearly, the impact of this U-17 World Cup on Uruguayan society will be enormous, and crucial for the development of the sport.”

The stat
Although none of the six hosts of the FIFA U-17 Women’s World Cup has managed to advance past the group stage over the years, Uruguay recorded more points (1) and goals (2) than the three previous host nations (Azerbaijan in 2012, Costa Rica in 2014 and Jordan in 2016).