Liverpool news: Kylian Mbappe will trouble these FOUR Reds players

“However, he still, and we saw it at Anfield against Liverpool and in a way in the second half against Napoli in Naples two weeks ago, that when he’s in the mood of ‘I need to save the game for my team’ it’s all about him, all about himself and he forgets about the team around him.

“I really believe that he is counterproductive to PSG and to the team’s performance.

“And it was so obvious in that second half against Napoli when every time he had the ball he tried to dribble past two or three people to make something happen by himself and not by playing as a team.

“And I really think if he’s not completely fit and not completely 100 per cent, but you’ve got an Mbappe full of confidence, who is 100 per cent with his pace, that can trouble this Liverpool defence more.”