Glenn Hoddle statement issued as major health update given on ex-Chelsea, Spurs star

“He’s been told if it’s successful he will have no problem getting back to the pundit work his fans love him for.”

The father-of-three collapsed as he was about to go on-air on Robbie Savage’s live BT Sport show. He was airlifted to hospital.

A triple bypass or “coronary artery bypass graft” takes three to six hours.

A blood vessel is transplanted from another part of the body (generally the arm, leg or chest) to the heart to bypass a blocked or damaged coronary artery.

His friend, football manager Harry Redknapp, said: “It was a shock but hopefully he will make a full recovery now. We need him back.

“Everybody who knows Glenn would agree, is there a nicer bloke anywhere? “I’ve never heard him say a bad word about anyone, he’s just a lovely guy, a great footballer and a great person.”