Their destiny in your hands

Impatience, anxiety, or a mixture of the two is a feature of the countdown to any world finals draw. Nails are bitten and prayers offered up so that fortune may smile on one team or another. The wait to see if those prayers are answered is usually a long one, though in the case of the Final Draw for the FIFA Women’s World Cup France 2019™, the waiting game might not be quite so drawn out.

The simple reason for that is because is giving you the chance to shape destiny with our Draw Simulator, which puts the fate of the 24 finalists in YOUR hands. Thanks to the app we have created, you can run your own draw and predict which teams will go into which groups.

As you might expect, our app is as realistic as can be and allows you to carry out a draw in virtually the same conditions as the official ceremony that will decide how the groups will line up in France. So if your dream draw involves pooling heavyweights such as USA, France, Germany and Japan together in one of your groups, then you will just have to forget about it.