Tiger Woods vs Phil Mickelson, LIVE: Latest updates from ‘The Match’ in Las Vegas

Tiger Woods vs Phil Mickelson, LIVE: Latest updates from ‘The Match’ as American greats compete for winner-takes-all prize of $9m in Las Vegas

  • Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson go head-to-head on Friday at 8pm in Las Vegas
  • The two American greats will compete for a staggering $9m at Shadow Creek
  • They will have side bets throughout the eagerly anticipated match on Friday
  • They will be mic’d up on the course, as well as the American’s caddies

American greats Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson will battle it out for a staggering $9million in Las Vegas on Friday.

Woods and Mickelson, who have a remarkable 19 major victories between them, will make plenty of side bets throughout the winner-takes-all round of golf, coined ‘The Match’.

The Americans – alongside their caddies – will be mic’d up on the Shadow Creek course, giving fans a real insight into how the pair operate when the heat is on.

Follow all the action from the eagerly-anticipated exhibition match with Sportsmail’s JONATHAN SPENCER…

  • Jonathan Spencer

    Host commentator

There is water running down the whole of the left hand side on the fourth. But Mickelson hits a peach of a drive straight down the middle of the fairway.

Woods responds with another poor tee shot. He again goes over the fairway and into the rough on the right. He will be hoping for a lucky break.

Woods’ chip shot is on line but it stops just short of the hole and he has work to do. He will be nervous thinking about miss on two there. 

But he makes it… just! The ball curled around the cup before sinking. 

Mickelson made par after missing his lengthy birdie putt… so the hole is halved.

Woods plays an open fade and it’s a pretty good result from where he was. The American great, who struggled at the Ryder Cup after his Tour Championship win, sees his ball finish off just short of the green. 

Mickelson hits his approach pin high but has a long putt to make birdie. He walks off disappointed with that shot. He tells his caddie (his brother) that ‘it was a yard away from being good’.

Mickelson is looking very solid off the tee at Shadow Creek. 3 out of 3 fairways for the American now and he is in perfect shape here.

Woods has pressure building and it gets to him, missing the fairway to the right on the third. And this is where its left him…

Woods, donning his ffamous Sunday red attire again isn’t happy, leaving his chip short of the pin. ‘Damn it’ is Woods’ latest curse.

And his rival Mickelson overhits his effort and still has work to do to save par here. Tough 5-footer down the hill next for him. But as we have seen so many time down the years, the experienced left-hander comfortably sinks his putt.

Woods has a bit to do to halve the hole but he misses. He walks towards the cup thinking it’s in but it curls on the right edge of the hole and stays out. Poor from Tiger.

Mickelson draws first blood. He admits moments later that he ‘was half a second away from giving him that putt… he never misses those’.

Mickelson’s 8-iron approach to the second green misses just to the right and he will have plenty to do to make birdie there.

Meanwhile, the 14-time major winner goes long and he is not happy, shouting ‘down, down, down’ while the ball was in the air.

Both will have birdie chips…

Mickelson and Woods strike cleanly on the second tee and both sit in the middle of the fairway of the par-four second.

After Mickelson’s near miss on the first, he has donated the £200,000 to Woods’ charity of choice.

Shadow Creek is looking in great condition by the way!

Woods putts first but his effort didn’t break, missing just to the right of the hole.

Mickelson, with $200,000 on the line, misses to the left. Both putts are conceded and they remain All Square heading onto the second.

They both head off the first disappointed but Mickelson will be ruing his miss more as he loses out on the $200,000.

Woods, who has 135 yards to the pin, hits a delightful approach shot to inside 10 feet after deliberating with his caddie what wedge to use. The right choice was made.

Mickelson, with 133 yards left, strikes a solid approach just to the left of the green.

As both men make their way onto the green, they both say ‘good shot’ to one another. 

‘On the tee’ comes out of the mouth of Samuel L. Jackson – who would have ever thought that?

Mickelson tees off first, and shows no nerves, hitting down the middle of the fairway.

Woods is up next… and strikes it cleanly. The ball just trickles into the light rough on the right-hand side.

As the pair walk down to the fairway, Woods says to Mickelson: ‘Samuel L. Jackson is cool’.

And the five-time major winner agrees. Now they are talking about what irons they used off the tee. Lovely stuff.

Remember, the caddies are mic’d up as well!

Woods and Mickelson will make some side-bets during today’s play.

Ahead of the action during their pre-event press conference in Las Vegas, the pair made a $200,000 bet. Mickelson needs birdie to win the money…

Mickelson wins the toss (flipped a poker chip) and will tee off first. Here we go.

Who will finish the day with $9m in their pocket and the bragging rights? Find out right here!

The wait is nearly over. Woods and Mickelson, who have 19 majors between them, are putting the final touches to their preparations as they battle it out for the $9million.

Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson are getting ready to go head-to-head in ‘The Match’ on Friday at Shadow Creek in Las Vegas.

Woods and Mickelson squared up in light-hearted fashion – true pre-boxing fight style – on Tuesday as they previewed the one-off event.

And ahead of the eagerly anticipated showdown, the once big American rivals have admitted they will make substantial side bets during the £7million ($9m) winner-takes-all match.


Woods and Mickelson greet each other in the locker room prior to the eagerly-anticipated action in Las Vegas.

Hello everyone and welcome to Sportsmail’s live blog of ‘The Match’.

We will keep you updated throughout the course of the exhibition match, which gets underway at 8pm!

This should be a fun (weird) watch as Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson battle it out for a staggering $9million at Shadow Creek.



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