Jose Mourinho SLAMMED for WRECKING Man Utd: We don’t give a sh** about his titles

“When you see them play on Tuesday, it’s catastrophic, it’s awful, when we all remember Manchester with Roy Keane, Beckham – all the great players, they played offensive football.

“It was beautiful and passionate. Old Trafford was the Theatre of Dreams, now it’s the Theatre of Nightmares with this guy. It’s crazy.”

The biggest defence of Mourinho this season has been his ability to win numerous titles over the years – a fact that Dugarry doesn’t seem to care about.

“What he doesn’t understand is that we don’t give a sh** about his titles, we just want emotion and to watch good football, which he’s incapable of giving us, but he won’t realise that because he’s so far up his own a***,” he said.