Man Utd boss Jose Mourinho will know he’s being sacked by Ed Woodward if one thing happens

“There may have been a time in the past few weeks when people looked at it and thought they might jettison him then, but they haven’t and I think they’ll stick with him,” Butcher told Express Sport

“There’s enough ability in that team to finish in the top four, there’s enough class there and they can look at the situation in the summer but I think to move on now would be quite dramatic, and who would they get in? It would cost them a lot of money to move on the staff and to get new staff in, do they need that upheaval at this stage of the season? No, I don’t think they do.

“I think they’ll carry on to the summer and then we’ll see after that. You’ve got the January transfer window coming up so they may be looking at something in that. 

“They’re already working on that I’m sure they’ve already got targets and talking to people, any good club would have done that already.