FIFA eWorld Cup holder wins FUT Champions Cup


Some big names, including ‘M10 Ustun’, ‘SPQR Tore’ and 2014 champion ‘Agge’ were knocked out in the first round, paving the way for the following semi-final line-up after the second and third rounds:

’PSV StefanoPinna’ 1-2 ‘FCB Nicolas99FC’
This encounter pitted together two FIFA eWorld Cup 2018 Grand Finalists, with silver medalist ‘PSV StefanoPinna’ narrowly losing to Argentina’s ‘FCB Nicolas99FC’.

‘MoAuba’ 7-4 ‘9z Yago’
‘9z Yago’, who had already beaten Continental Cup champion ‘Joksan’, among others, was the underdog going into his meeting with two-time Grand Finalist ‘MoAuba’ – the last remaining German competitor in the tournament. The favourite justified his tag to earn a ticket to the PlayStation final.

PlayStation final:

‘FCB Nicolas99FC’ 6-5 ‘MoAuba’
In a tight game between two 2018 Grand Finalists, ‘FCB Nicolas99FC’ eventually won it with a goal in extra time, booking his place in the Grand Final.