‘The problem was Jose Mourinho’

“Spurs is a good test. We are in good form and have some momentum going. We have steadied the ship a bit, if you like, and we need to keep going.

“We have not done anything yet, we have not achieved anything but we need to keep it going.

“Possibly, Spurs will be an indicator for us and how far we can go. It is a game we need to win. They are in good form and doing well and we need to have a good week, train well and prepare for a tough game.

“Hopefully, the momentum can carry us on to win that match

“Of course, we should be in the Champions League next season and that is the aim but we have done nothing yet and I know it is a cliche but it has to be game by game.

“I don’t really want to think about the top four, or the Champions League or the FA Cup, it has to be game by game. Tottenham is tough and we have to see where we are after that.”