Jamie Redknapp lays into Manchester United players when defending Paul Pogba

The former Liverpool ace revealed his true feelings on Sky Sports in a conversation with presenter David Jones. Here’s the full transcript…

REDKNAPP: “I just think he’s enjoying his football. He’s got freedom, got a manager who believes in him.

DAVID: “Can it be as simple as that Jamie, for a top-class player, that he’s enjoying his football?”

REDKNAPP: “Well the point David is it’s not just Paul Pogba. It’s everybody. When someone like Paul Pogba is so high-profile, he is the first one we focus on. What about all the other players? What about the keeper who couldn’t make a save to save his life a while ago? Now all of a sudden he looks like the keeper we all knew. It’s the same with every single player in this United side.

“They had downed tools for the last manager. Whether we like it or not – and people say he lost the dressing room. It was so obvious. I’ve watched United all season.